Office procedures vs. Hospital surgery? COVID-19 Concerns

The Center for Venous Disease was founded in 2005 as an “office based” practice for treating vein disease, swollen legs, painful legs, wound care, restless legs, skin breakdown, and other issues the effect your quality of life.  Afterall, your “Legs are your foundation for life.”  Healthy legs and an efficient circulatory system is an absolute necessity to providing oxygenated blood to different parts of your body.  As a reminder, arteries move blood away from the heart and your veins bring oxygen depleted blood back to the heart.  When faulty vein valves in your legs fail to close after respiration, the blood can fall down in retrograde and “pool” in your lower legs causing pain and swelling.  This eventually will lead to pressure building up, nerve issues, and unsightly varicose veins that bulge and in some cases bleed.  This can also lead to a possible DVT issue as well.  The pressure can also be very painful and the disease is progressive.

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